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The Story of LUU-BINH and DUONG-LE


Meanings and Suggestions

Did you read the folktale “The Story of LUU-BINH and DUONG-LE”? How do you think about this story’s meaning? I guessed what this story tells us and I am going to show you them below.


Let’s think about them more together!


I think this story tell us two significant meaning. First, if you do a favor for someone, someone return the favor someday. When LUU-BINH was young, LUU gave DUONG-LE assistance to study in the aspect of money because DUONG was born in poor family and he did not have enough money to receive education. Thanks to LUU’s support, DUONG studied a lot and he becomes wealthy gradually. On the other hand, LUU becomes poor year by year because of his laziness. One day LUU beg DUONG to support because his money run out but DUONG reject this offer. However, it does not mean that DUONG is not just ungrateful person. He has an idea for LUU. Thanks to DUONG’s repayment, LUU change his mind and get fortune finally. Next, friendship is not only being kind with friends but also being strict with friends occasionally. In this story, DUONG sometimes speaks to LUU as though reject him in order to incite him and help him to get a glory by himself. As I said, DUONG reject LUU’s offer but he gives some kind of support to LUU behind the scenes at the same time. It means that kindness which we can recognize does not represent all aspects of kindness.


In addition, I suggest one thing from this folktale. In the era of this story, the children were born in wealthy family can get more opportunities to receive education. On the other hand, the children were born in poor family can get less opportunities to receive education. Moreover, this advantage and disadvantage expanded the differences between rich people and poor people although DUONG got the chance to receive education fortunately. “No education” means “no job” or “not good job”. This fact is proved by LUU. Although he had enough money to receive education, he did not study because of his laziness, and it caused him no job and made him poor.


How do you think about my suggestion? If you have any other opinions or impression, please leave comment! I hope to listen what you think!


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