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The Secret Housewife


Meanings and Suggestions


Did you read the folktale “The Secret Housewife”? How do you think about this story’s meaning? I guessed what this story tells us and I am going to show you them below.


Let’s think about them more together!



Honesty, this story is very difficult for me to think about the meaning. So I would like to ask your opinion and suggestion. Please feel free to leave comment!


However, I suggest one thing from the reason why the housewife feels she does not belong to mankind world. As you know, the reason is described in this story and the reason is that she never gets older, so people begin to wonder about the woman’s perennial youthfulness and even her three sons showed their concern. This means that social life is pretty important for people in this era. The stronger other people think that it is strange not to get older, the harder living in human’s world become for the woman. Therefore, I think that we can say social life kick out her from human’s world.


How do you think about my suggestion? If you have any other opinions or impression, please leave comment! I hope to listen what you think!

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