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Story of Rice Cake

Meanings and Suggestions


Did you read the folktale “Story of Rice Cake”? How do you think about this story’s meaning? I guessed what this story tells us and I am going to show you them below.


Let’s think about them more together!


I think this story gives us two significant teaching. Firstly, to take care of family is one of very important virtues. The protagonist Tiet-Lieu lives in countryside with his family and care about his family. When he is ordered to bring special food to the emperor, he makes rice cakes from the rice he grew with his family and his sons and wife help him to make them. Then he presents it to the emperor and the emperor thinks his gift is the best and chooses him as the next emperor. This is the result from cooperation of his family. Secondly, the things change someone’s mind is not money but heart. In this folktale, the emperor says that his youngest son’s gifts were not only the purest, but also the most meaningful because Tiet-Lieu had used nothing except rice which was the basic foodstuff of the people to make them. I think this is the most significant teaching which this story implies.


In addition, this story shows us what the ideal emperor is. In many stories, emperors are cruel and greedy but this emperor is represented as a wise emperor. He knows what is important as a human and emperor, and he tells it to his sons through the competition to be the next emperor.



How do you think about my suggestion? If you have any other opinions or impression, please leave comment! I hope to listen what you think!


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